Mount Wish provides the very first true and fully automated insurance for FX, interest rate and commodity price risks as well as a complementary corporate and investment banking services marketplace. As a side effect, we also achieve the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a higher degree of efficiency and efficacy.


Mount Wish will be opening it's Pre-IPO Convertible Bond funding round
(contingent, reverse and discounted conversion rights apply as specified in the prospectus)
in Q2 2019.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

With our fully automated and ERP plugin-based FICC risk insurance solution called RiskPool which is complemented by seamlessly integrated third party (= strengths-based cooperation with leading partners) financial services covering among others cash management, payments, trade finance and corporate insurance as well as corporate finance we are replacing your current need for a treasury department.

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A short introduction to our key offers


RiskPool - FICC Risk Insurance

The core product of Mount Wish
Actually the very first true insurance for FX, interest rate, and commodity price risks. What's more, it is fully automated and seamlessly integrated with your ERP system.



Automated funding processes and brokerage of suitable third parties (i.e. investment banks, auditors, pitch deck agencies). A truly transparent platform for ECM, DCM, and structured finance deals. ERP based.



Based on our large data pool we are publishing in-depth economic and financial research. The data is made available via classic reports, XLS-add-ons and terminals. Complementary we provide according advisory services to governments and central banks.



A highly transparent commercial banking (cash management, payments, trade finance) market place with a built-in robo advisor (via ERP plugins) recognising your potential needs for action early on and helping you to source and utilize the best services / solutions globally.


Laura Snow, CFA, FRM
Global Head of Sales

Disrupting financial risk management with RiskPool

A true, lucrative and convenient alternative to tradtional hedging with derivatives

EBITDA boost

This is due to significant scale-based savings coming from our cross-customer hedging and netting approach (i.e. our risk pooling process) which can increase your EBITDA by up to 12% p.a. which again is equal to an increase of 16% in sales. Add to this selected commodity upsides, e.g. various sorts of steel or rare earths which for the first time become hedgeable with our solution, and you will see in total up to 80% annual net profit increases in specific cases. Additionally, you will save any kind of fixed treasury expenses (e.g. treasury systems, staffing, research data, special admin processes and legal services,…). Hence your EBITDA and net profit will go up sharply.


It reduces compliance burdens tremendously. Just think of KYC checks, MiFID II, EMIR and the likes, which for an insurance policy from a customer’s perspective are no longer applicable. At the same time your getting rid of all potential legal litigations over contract details (e.g. derivatives pricing) related to hedging transactions.


Increased focus on your core business with automation taking all the financial risk management hassles (e.g. going global w/o worrying about FX rates) and potential human errors out while using artificial intelligence and insurance asset management contributions to improve results further.

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Beyond all these advantages for our customers (and partners) we also achieve the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a much higher degree of efficiency and efficacy as a side effect of RiskPool and its complementary marketplace solutions.

Hence Mount Wish benefits customers, strategic partners, and investors (see IR site) alike while also improving economic conditions for overall society.

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