True Esteem

Nothing is more vital to the long-term growth of Mount Wish than our ability to attract and retain talented and dedicated employees.
Thus we do our best that you feel welcomed and valued.


We foster an environment of equality, openness and respect, where people are encouraged to raise ideas and issues.


We treat all people fairly, ensure they are properly compensated, and provide continuous feedback as well as strong training and development programs.


We strive for perfect results, working hard to meet and exceed customer expectations. Improvement is paramount. This means the achievement of solid results and not (past) credentials or heritage matter the most. This also applies to hiring.


We are dedicated to growth both business-wise and personally. Hence we are constantly challenging the status quo (sometimes with quite extraordinary concepts), which also means that mistakes can and will happen. We appreciate them since they are an opportunity to learn and avoid them in the future.

Survey results

The above is not just marketing fluff for us but we really try hard to live up to these values as our recent survey confirmed.

values in percent


female share
among managers
(female share
overall: 53)


We appreciate globally distributed teams

Here is why.

Ability to hire the best people

Being open to a distributed team enables us to find and hire the right people, the best talents, regardless of where they happen to live. Geographically limited companies in contrast have a restricted talent pool from which they can hire their people from.

Diversified (international) experience and expertise as well as global presence

By working with distributed teams, we gain both the experience and expertise in working with different global markets. What’s more, we win global presence across all executive levels which again helps us win market shares worldwide.

More efficient workflows

A distributed team can have team members working from different time zones. Although the first thought would be inconvenience iterating ideas, if this difference in time zone is well tapped into, it can turn into an advantage rather than an obstacle. A project in our “Follow-the-sun-work-model” can be completed in a faster manner since people in different time zones are continuously working on a this particular project. 


Tech and R&D

Several Full Stack Julia Developers, Capital Market Tech - New York, San Francisco and London
Several Full Stack Julia Developers, ERP-based Financial Applications - San Franscisco
Several Full Stack Julia Developers, Market Places (preferably with a focus on finance products) - San Francisco, Tel Aviv and London
Junior Julia Developer, High Frequency Trading and Core Systems - Munich
Several Data Engineers (HPC, AI and Julia Experts) - London and San Francisco
Several Data Analysts (AI and Julia Experts) - New York and San Francisco
Web and Mobile Developer - Munich
IT Security Specialist - San Francisco
UX Designer, ERP and Banking Software (Cross-Product UX Design) - London

Sales and Marketing

Several Treasury Sales Experts, Europe - London
Several Treasury Sales Experts, North America - New York
Junior Treasury Sales Analyst - San Francisco
3x Customer Relations Manager, Installed Customer Base - San Francisco, New York, London, Munich
4x Associates, Customer Onboarding - San Francisco, New York, London, Munich
Treasury Sales Manager, Selected Clients - Singapore and Hong Kong
5x Partner Sales Analysts - New York, London, Dubai and Singapore
3x Senior RFP Writers - New York, London and Singapore
2x Tactical Pricing Analysts - New York, London and Singapore
Price Sensitivity and Positioning Analyst - New York, London or Singapore
Content Manager and Financial Author - New York
Marketing and Brand Analyst (part-time) - New York

Operations and Shared Services

European Market Operations Manager and Project Lead, EU - Munich
Global Procurement Analyst - Munich
2x Junior Operations Manager - Munich
Process Engineer / Project Management - Munich
Senior Accountant, Financial Instruments - Munich
Operations Support - Valencia
Junior Accountant - Valencia

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Head of Legal and Compliance - New York
Senior Legal Counsel, Europe - Munich
Junior Legal Counsel, Europe - London
Junior Legal Counsel, North America - New York
Regulatory Expert and Compliance - New York
Regulatory Reporting and Relations Expert - London
Global Tax Coordinator - Munich and New York
Transfer Pricing Analyst - Munich and New York

Finance and Risk

Several Senior Financial Engineers and Structurers, FICC - London, Singapore and New York
Junior Financial Engineer and Structurer, FICC - London
Senior Actuaries - New York, Singapore and London
Junior Actuary - Singapore or Hong Kong
Management Accountants - New York
Risk Analysts - London and New York
Strategic and Financial Pricing Associate - New York
Digital Currencies and Alternatives Specialist - San Francisco
Securitisation Expert - London
Investment Analyst (Quant) - New York
Investment Analyst (FoF) - New York
Associate, Corporate and Structured Finance - New York
VP, Corporate Finance - New York

Other interesting roles

Graphic Designer - London
Startup Relations and Co-Creations Associate - Paolo Alto and Munich
Working Students, Software Engineering - San Francisco, New York and London
Working Student, Operations - Munich
Working Student, Financial Accounting - Valencia
Intern Management Accounting - New York
Intern Financial Instruments Accounting and Tax - Munich
Working Students, Financial Engineering - New York and London

If you have any questions or like to make a speculative application please reach out to us:

Jennifer Wright

Feel free to reach out to Jennifer regarding any career related questions.

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