Corporate Social Responsibility

International Organisations (i.e. IMF, UNO, World Bank)

Mount Wish is fully dedicated to use its ever-increasing influence on FICC market prices in the pursuit of fighting hunger and poverty, while enhancing education or driving healthcare as well as medical research around the world. For optimal use of our powers (which includes both comprehensive in-kind giving and significant use of internal capital resources), we are teaming up with internationally respected organisations like the IMF, the UN, World Bank or Red Cross. Our pledge is that we will use at least 1% of our long-term sustainable EBIT (which is already twice as much as any of the 30 DAX members is giving) until reaching 10bn EUR in profits. Thereafter the amount shall increase to 5% and upon reaching 100bn EUR to 10% because we believe that success also means being socially responsible. And according to us this is even more true for financial services firms since we should never forget that for the most part this sector has been rescued by society in the past.

Charities and Social Causes

Mount Wish additionally and under the same conditions donates an amount equal to at least 10% of the previously mentioned in-kind giving to various charities. The final charities in this case shall be chosen by our employees using a voting system based on a proposal list with selected charities prepared by Founders Pledge and the Mount Wish Board of Management. With regards to the preparation of the list our employees can also recommend charities and indicate causes about which they care. To the investors who are worried about CSR we ask you to note that among others socially active companies have nowadays a much easier time to recruit and retain qualified employees with a sense of sustainability (which we believe is also extremely important in business management) compared to other companies without a strong CSR programme (further strategic rationales in this context can be explained upon request).

Responsibility for product-related consequences

As our solution will cost many jobs in this case due to the automation we will partner with two well-known consulting firms to help every new customer or business partner in managing the difficult transition in terms of finding new/attractive career and live paths for the then in their prior role no longer needed employees. This will also help to drive sales as many, especially SME customers, are very inclined to optimise the transition phase for all involved stakeholders including their employees. What’s more, this won't cost Mount Wish any money or resources as this reflects just a simple recommendation free of charge on whom the customer can work with during the transformation. What’s more, we know BPI Consulting and they know us quite well and hence the implementation of our solution will be much smoother for both customers and us.

Fostering financial literacy

Mount Wish is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy especially among young people since we think that it is absolutely shocking that according to a recent OECD study still a huge part (in Germany, for example, a third of the population) is insufficiently educated with regards to financial questions. Well, we are not talking about analysing the most complex financial instruments here but about the very basics such as being able to properly calculate interest rates, apply simple budgeting techniques, understand key stochastic expressions or about knowing the difference between funds, shares and bonds.

Hannah Northridge
Senior Associate, CSR and External Relations

Hannah is happy to help you with any questions or issues concerning Corporate Social Responsibility issues or External Affairs.

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