A basic overview on FinCaT

FinCaT is basically an ERP-data-driven platform to help you make smarter choices in the field of cash management, payment, escrow, and trade finance solutions as it combines predictive financial modelling and automated risk assessments (e.g. counterparties, supply chain, etc.) with a comprehensive marketplace where banks and other providers offer their services in this field.

Hence, we are talking about a highly transparent commercial banking marketplace with a built-in robo advisor recognizing your potential needs for action early on and helping you to secure the best deals, services, and most suitable products/solutions globally. A further boost in this context will come with the launch of our virtual captive product, "White Bank" since it will add an additional layer of flexibility and strengthen your brand on the outside.
Therefore, if you like to put it this way it's fully- or semi-automated Treasury as a Service, depending on how much room you like to give our sophisticated algorithms to make choices on your behalf. Complementary the system will soon also be able to cater for intra-group funding/cash structures as to reduce your tax burden.
To sum it up, it is a global marketplace and thus even local banks are competing globally on our platform which again is resulting in a win-win situation since you get access to the best solutions no matter where the banks/providers are (much more choice and competition) while now even local banks can showcase their strengths globally and attract new business customers who were previously out of reach for them.

Thus, we are giving you back control by increasing market and product transparency by taking a truly comprehensive and global approach while embedding advanced data analytics in your day-to-day cash management processes and helping you to secure your cash flows and short-term liquidity needs (for long-term liquidity needs you will be referred to our FundMaster product suite).

At the same time, all related steps are benchmarked against industry standards and optimized by using FinTelligence data which also includes an assessment of your business partners financial health, payment behavior, and based thereon the option to activate our general terms and pricing definition support engine.

At a later stage we consider to offer customer-spanning order bundling as well to optimize costs for you as a customer while allowing our partner banks to achieve better unit economics.

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Maximilian Hunold
Executive Director, FinCaT

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