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Based on the incredibly large data pool which we have due to our ERP-driven services (strict Chinese Walls apply with data protection being paramount of course) we are able to provide you with in-depth analytics and assessments of consumer market trends (e.g. products, prices), shifts in purchasing behaviour/power and propensities to pay, supply-chain-risk developments, the overall sentiment (also drawing data from further souces) as well as with sophisticated advise on potential counterparty and market risks, financial strategies, investment opportunities and economic developments both on macro and micro level. Additionally, the data enables us to issue ratings of corporates and to provide highly accurate solvency analyses / credit checks of end-customers (hence private persons / households) around the globe. The latter data points can also be used in combination with FinCaT again.
Complimentary we help you to benchmark various aspects relevant to your organisation (e.g. operations, sales, cost levels, churn rates, etc.).

Traditional research reports

Comprehensive research packages prepared by our highly sought after analysts.

Pricing: Upon request (min. 10k EUR per user and basic package; ca. 50k EUR per user and premium package)

Our terminals

We can also grant you access to select raw data via FinTelligence Terminals so that you can create your very own models and research.

Pricing: Starting at 35k EUR per terminal and year.

MS Office Add-ons

Via these add-ons we are also providing business case and strategy deck templates which can be automatically updated using real-time data and market statistics (e.g. price developments, country developments, inflation rates, spending analytics,…) plus access to general statistics and information databases (quantitative and qualitative product, segment or industry information).

Pricing: Starting at 1,500 EUR per month and user (ask us for special startup discounts and payment schemes)

Combined pricing and packages upon request.

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Nora Fetha
Sales Director, FinTelligence

Nora is happy to help you with any questions or issues concerning FinTelligence Data Solutions and with Advisory topics

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