FundMaster covers the following financial instruments


Equity Transactions

  • Common Shares (listed and non-listed)
  • Preferred shares (listed and non-listed)
  • 2

    Debt Transactions

  • Loans (Single and Syndicated)
  • Bonds
  • Overdraft Facilities (only if combined with FinCaT)

  • 3

    Hybrids and Alternatives

  • Mezzanine
  • Convertible Loans
  • Reverse Repos
  • (Reverse) Factoring (only if combined with FinCaT)
  • SAFEs
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) /
    Initial Token Offerings (ITOs)
  • Nine easy steps to funding

    Choose from a wide array of options for your best matching offer


    System recognises that more cash is needed (via predictive modelling) or you tell us that you want to raise funding for some reason.

    Requirements Analysis

    Automatic evaluation whether short or long-term financing is required based on your forecasted cash flow statements (historic and comparable data will be used for plausibility checks), balance sheets and P&L.

    WACC assessment

    FundMaster creates the relevant WACC model and assesses the appropriateness of various debt, equity and hybrid financing options while also incorporating market and business profile data to spot among others windows of opportunities*.

    Option Scorecard

    FundMaster automatically gives you a full list and scorecard highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the available financing options in your specific case. It also creates the relevant league tables and product rankings to make selection even easier and allows to filter results by various aspects.

    RFP process

    Once you select your funding option the banks, funding platforms and/or investors will be notified in an anonymised way and thus be able to enter their final and binding pitch or offer in a pre-set form which again allows you to more easily compare the final possibilities. This said banks can also choose to deviate from your selected funding option but then have to provide clear explanations why they recommend something else (this is then reviewed and validated by independent experts for you on a regular basis to protect you as much as possible) in a separate field.

    Offer selection

    Select your offer.

    Transaction begins / closes

    Necessary data is now released to the selected bank, platform or investor and the required documents are created and prepared to execute the fundraising round depending on the financing option about which we are talking in your specific case. Hence standard loans and similar instruments will close online at this stage already while more complex products such as structured financings and securitisations, DCM or M&A/ECM deals will continue with the next steps.

    Process Management

    FundMaster now opens the financing process management tool defining the detailed and as appropriate binding timeline while at the same time allowing the selected investment banks or partners to outsource certain tasks to relevant third parties if the like (e.g. give mandates to auditors, pitch deck agencies, law firms, etc. who will be pitching via FundMaster for work from the investment banks or partners. This process again is critically monitored by us to avoid illegal price arrangements or unnecessary fees for you).

    Ensuring data consistency

    All processes are managed and executed within the FundMaster system and hence utmost data consistency and cost, as well as process transparency, is ensured. Even all the Excel, Word and PDF files will be linked to ERP system data via the FundMaster-Add-Ons (hence financial models are getting built as used to in Excel but at the same time automatically validated by the FundMaster XLS-Add-On which also uploads for example cash flow data to the Fund Master dashboard so that everyone will have the same understanding and data of the deal). Beyond this data can also be shared with regulatory authorities and exchanges where required. Due to this level of transparency, the lead bank can also steer the entire process in an efficient manner and control involved third parties more easily.

    Deal Closing

    Finally, the deal closes and relevant data is booked in the ERP system, a final plausibility check conducted as well as a continuous reporting is set up if required.

    Post-Deal Reporting

    With regards to the reports, it is possible to fully automate them via built-in tools or brokered Digital IR agencies doing the reporting (semi-)manually based on the provided data from the FundMaster tool.


    With regards to the mentioned windows of opportunities notifications can be turned on and thus you will receive according information throughout the year. However, we don’t like to pressure you to take unnecessary funding and thus maybe inappropriate risks for basically two reasons: First our core product is RiskPool and secondly FundMaster is primarily developed as an effective treasury system application and not a sales channel since the latter is just a way to make things easier for you as a customers by integrating everything related to treasury management as much as possible.

    cloud-based / mobile enabled
    lightning fast
    up to date
    awesome support
    organzied files
    easily customizable

    FundMaster as part of the wider ecosystem

    A fully integrated and connected platform

    Thomas Langfield
    Executive Director, FundMaster

    Thomas is happy to help you with any questions or issues concerning FundMaster and related topics

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